We’ve listened and we’ve thought. Donations to GLI support the ways in which we are acting:

  • HIV Testing and Prevention Services for 5,000 Ugandans annually through the Entusi Music Festival
  • Employment assistance and job training for the members of the Entusi Women’s Association in the Lake Bunyonyi community
  • Employment and job training support for Ugandans working on community development initiatives at the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center
  • Scholarship and travel support for students participating in a global classroom (Denver School of Science and Technology, College Track). 
  • Employment training and internships for social impact incubator company, Staffable
  • Research support for the Child Soldier study in Lira
  • Community Development support for the Schatz Family Community Development Fund in Kabale
  • Sponsorship support for the Annual Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Sponsorship support for the Annual Youth Summit
  • Sponsorship support for the Entusi Music Festival

The Global Livingston Institute is a 501c3 charitable organization, and donors may deduct contributions as provided in IRC section 170 of the U.S. tax code.