Jerry Amanya

Research Coordinator

Jerry Amanya is a Ugandan who is passionate about Research and International Development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Makerere University, in Kampala, Uganda. He has worked on several research and development projects in the NGO sector for more than five years. He will soon complete a master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, also from Makerere University. Jerry enjoys nature and his hobbies include reading, jogging, making new friends and watching movies.

Raymond Bokua

Manager of Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

Raymond Bokua has worked at GLI’s Entusi Resort and Retreat Center on Lake Bunyonyi since its grand opening in 2013. He currently serves as the Manager of Entusi. In this role, Raymond coordinates all of GLI’s initiatives in Uganda and manages guest relations at Entusi. Raymond was born and raised in the suburbs of Kabale, Uganda.

Kate Deeny

Director of Workforce Development

Kate Deeny began working with The Global Livingston Institute and Staffable Africa in September 2017 to grow workforce development capacity for the GLI and solidify academic and corporate partnerships to support and grow recruitment and training capacity for entry-level Ugandans.

Kate has a background in philanthropy and nonprofit program management. Kate holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Santa Clara University and a Master’s in Business Administration and Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver.

Ryan Grundy

Executive Director

Ryan Grundy currently serves as the executive director of the Global Livingston Institute and has worked with the organization since November 2012. In this capacity, he manages the day to day operations of the organization and oversees all GLI’s programming – both in Colorado and East Africa. Prior to this role, Ryan worked in Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s Office of Community Partnerships. He graduated from St. Edward’s University.

Maeve McHugh

Development Coordinator

Maeve has served as the Development Coordinator at GLI since 2017. In this role, she creates and manages donor relations, pursues grant opportunities, and cultivates GLI’s personal and organizational connections. Maeve also oversees communications related to major supporters, plans and executes fundraising events, and assists in carrying out day-to-day office operations. Maeve completed her BA in International Affairs at George Washington University, where she focused on international development and international politics.

Martina Namuddu

Director of East Africa Logistics

Martina Namuddu has worked with GLI since 2011. In June 2014, she was hired as the Director of East Africa Logistics. In this role, Martina manages the GLI’s Kampala Campus and oversees and coordinates all of the logistics for the GLI’s programming throughout East Africa. Martina was born in Mbarara, Uganda, and has resided in Kampala since the age of 15. She graduated from Cavendish University Uganda, studying business administration and management. Martina is passionate about international development and travel, as well as international business management. She spends her free time reading and pursuing opportunities for international travel.

Reagan Nowamani

Executive Director of Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

Reagan Nowamani has worked at GLI’s Entusi Resort and Retreat Center on Lake Bunyonyi since 2012, when GLI began its construction. Ever since the grand opening of Entusi, Reagan has served as its general manager, and now Executive Director. In this capacity, he manages the entire staff and oversees each conference and event held at Entusi. Reagan was born and raised on Lake Bunyonyi where he still resides.

Will Tesconi

Director of Academic Partnerships

Will Tesconi has served as the Director of Academic Partnerships for the Global Livingston Institute (GLI) for the past two years, focusing on managing GLI’s emerging institutional partnerships and programs with other educational institutions and staff both in Denver and East Africa. In addition, Will oversees GLI’s accredited courses, internships, fellowships, and research initiatives.

Will Tesconi graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the spring of 2015 with a BA in political science. Beginning in the winter of 2014, Will served as the Programming Coordinator for the Global Livingston Institute while finishing his degree at CU. In this role, Will worked in program organization and coordination, primarily assisting other staff with day-to-day operations as well as general programming.

Stephanie Underwood


In this role, Stephanie manages the day to day operations of the finances and budgeting processes. Stephanie’s experience working with non-profits as an accountant involves multiple organizations, both nationally and internationally. She enjoys partnering with organizations that are making a difference around the world. Stephanie has a Master’s of Accountancy from Keller Graduate School.

Jamie Van Leeuwen

Founder & CEO

Jamie Van Leeuwen founded the Global Livingston Institute in 2009 to encourage students and community leaders to think bigger and think differently about international development. He currently serves as the GLI’s Chief Executive Officer. Jamie has been traveling to East Africa for more than a decade and continues to develop innovative partnerships between GLI and members of the public, private and nonprofit sectors in Uganda. In addition to his role as GLI’s CEO, Jamie is also a Senior Advisor for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Andrew Ward

Chairman of iKnow Concert Series

Andrew Ward has worked with GLI since 2014 as the Chairman of the iKnow Concert Series in Uganda. In this role, Andrew brings together artists, activists, and academics from the United States and Uganda to launch sustainable community-led initiatives – including annual HIV awareness music festivals in Uganda. Since 2014, Andrew has led GLI’s efforts to produce 4 festivals that have seen more than 38,000 concertgoers, tested more than 7,000 Ugandans for HIV, and provided several other health services in rural communities in Uganda. In additional to this role, Andrew also holds a leadership position at Odyssey House Louisiana. Andrew is currently based in New Orleans, but since 1999 has been producing and performing in cross-cultural musical events in Poland, India, Pakistan, Mali, Uganda, and the United States.