Ugandan Performance Metrics

Last year a group of extraordinary musicians from Colorado, New Orleans and Nashville came together for the First Annual Entusi Music Fest on Lake Bunyonyi in Southern Uganda. Performing with a cadre of talented and wild local musicians and rising stars on the East Africa music scene, over four thousand folks turned out and a [...]

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Game Changers!

This summer was a game changer. The people we met, the friendships we formed, the stories we made and the places we traveled once again changed the way that I think about the world.  I rafted on the Nile with a girl from Denver whose first trip on an airplane was to Uganda.  We had [...]

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Getting to know Entusi

Our days and nights at Entusi retreat center on Lake Bunyoni feel most like a dream. The WIFI was not working, so I fell behind on my blogging, but maybe that just made it more full and more absorbing. Lake Bunyonyi nestles in a bowl of verdant mountains, a string of islands poking heads up [...]

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An Update from Florence Ozor

Dear friends and family, Happy New Year to you and hope my mail meets you well. My gratitude for your support and love both for me and our girls cannot dwindle. I often look back to the memories with fondness. Thank you for your love. The situation in my country as you all may have [...]

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Emmanuel in a World of Change…

Emmanuel was born on Christmas Day.  And Emmanuel’s mom died on Christmas Dayseveral hours later.  His first home is with the Sisters at the Lira Baby’s home in Northern Uganda. I met Emmanuel last week and he is an indescribably, incomprehensibly beautiful baby.  The life that awaits him is uncertain and for Emmanual nothing is [...]

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Support our Indiegogo campaign!

We are aiming to raise $30,000 to support Entusi and the Lake Bunyonyi Women's Association.  Please click here to support our efforts!

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An Update From Makrere University Student, Mercy Nakavuma

Hello GLI, i great you all and  i hope every one is doing fine. Am greatful for what is happening in my life and for this course i would like to share with you my school time so far and how it is going. the semister is ending this month and so far we have [...]

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A Note From GLI Supported Student, Jerry Amanya

An Update from GLI Supported Student Jerry Amanya: Hello friends! hope this email finds you well. So today i just thought that  i should give you some update on how my school is going. Right now, we are just past middle of the semester and all is well. This semester, am taking 4 classes in [...]

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GLI August Immersion Trip

Here is a link to a great blog written by one of the GLI summer trip participants.  Check it out here:

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Jamie’s Fulbright Blog (Phase One)

21 Days. 10 Emerging Ugandan Women Leaders. One Research and Retreat Center. That is how Fulbright is changing the conversation in Africa. On August 6th, 2013 500 community leaders, local leaders, students and professors will gather at Lake Bunyoni in Southern Uganda to Listen. Think. Act. It is the mission of the Global Livingston Institute [...]

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