The Entusi Women’s Fight Club

In a rural open-air school room perched on a hill overlooking beautiful Lake Bunyonyi in Southern Uganda, Gloria talked about the impact she can have as a young artist in Uganda; and in the dining room at Entusi on that same lake, Cynthia kicked off the Fifth Annual Women’s Leadership Retreat with song and dance [...]

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A Lint Brush for Weirdos!

So a Ugandan teenager managed to make his way through the crowd of over 10 thousand concert goers and up to our sousaphone player Ed at the end of his performance in Kabale. Ed and a group of Ugandan artists along with a whacky assortment of musicians and public health experts from Denver and New [...]

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22. Polè. Polè.

It is the first story that our charming Tanzanian guides Amadeus and Joelle tell us as we begin our five day ascent up Kilimanjaro.  Legend has it that a trekker wanted to know how much further to the top of the mountain.  After repeatedly inquiring, their guide finally replied "22"...  every time they asked. How [...]

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