The GLI grows and thrives on the energy, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of students to advance our global mission and vision. Currently, the GLI offers internship opportunities during the Fall, Spring, and Summer. In Denver, we engage GLI interns as staff and rely on them for a variety of strategic work including but not limited to preparing briefs, managing long-term research projects, and coordinating community events and public outreach.

And in East Africa, we turn our interns loose!  GLI interns pursue independent research projects ranging from rural community development to urban studies.   

We individualize these experiences and tap into your passions and interests!   

Some of our students define their internship based on their experiences from the immersion trip while others show up with an idea that they want to bring to life.  We are looking for smart, innovative students who want to think differently and think big about the work they are doing!   

If you are interested in applying for an internship with the GLI, send us an e-mail at!