22. Polè. Polè.

It is the first story that our charming Tanzanian guides Amadeus and Joelle tell us as we begin our five day ascent up Kilimanjaro.  Legend has it that a trekker wanted to know how much further to the top of the mountain.  After repeatedly inquiring, their guide finally replied "22"...  every time they asked. How [...]

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Study Abroad with Dr. Gerber and Dr. Van Leeuwen!

Dr. Brian Gerber and Dr. Jamie Van Leeuwen will be teaching an international development class through UCD's School of Public Affairs.  If you are interested in international development in East Africa, this is the class for you.  Here is a link to the website:

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A letter from Simon

Hey [GLI]! How have you been? I hope this message will find you well. I just completed my 1st semester of school yesterday, I have had a great experience in school and learned a lot in these four months. I like college and am glad you have made it happen for me. thank you so [...]

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