A Lint Brush for Weirdos!

So a Ugandan teenager managed to make his way through the crowd of over 10 thousand concert goers and up to our sousaphone player Ed at the end of his performance in Kabale. Ed and a group of Ugandan artists along with a whacky assortment of musicians and public health experts from Denver and New [...]

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22. Polè. Polè.

It is the first story that our charming Tanzanian guides Amadeus and Joelle tell us as we begin our five day ascent up Kilimanjaro.  Legend has it that a trekker wanted to know how much further to the top of the mountain.  After repeatedly inquiring, their guide finally replied "22"...  every time they asked. How [...]

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Game Changers!

This summer was a game changer. The people we met, the friendships we formed, the stories we made and the places we traveled once again changed the way that I think about the world.  I rafted on the Nile with a girl from Denver whose first trip on an airplane was to Uganda.  We had [...]

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Emmanuel in a World of Change…

Emmanuel was born on Christmas Day.  And Emmanuel’s mom died on Christmas Day several hours later.  His first home is with the Sisters at the Lira Baby’s home in Northern Uganda. I met Emmanuel last week and he is an indescribably, incomprehensibly beautiful baby.  The life that awaits him is uncertain and for Emmanual nothing [...]

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An Update From Makrere University Student, Mercy Nakavuma

Hello GLI, I greet you all and  i hope every one is doing fine. Am greatful for what is happening in my life and for this course i would like to share with you my school time so far and how it is going. the semister is ending this month and so far we have [...]

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A Note From GLI Supported Student, Jerry Amanya

An Update from GLI Supported Student Jerry Amanya: Hello friends! hope this email finds you well. So today i just thought that  i should give you some update on how my school is going. Right now, we are just past middle of the semester and all is well. This semester, am taking 4 classes in [...]

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Adventures of Michael and Adam

Like all travel experiences our journey so far has been a string of highs and lows. To try and relate all of our encounters and and experiences from just these first three weeks would be near impossible. I can't say that it's always easy or fun but we've learned to appreciate the challenges and tough moments and understand that [...]

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A letter from Simon

Hey [GLI]! How have you been? I hope this message will find you well. I just completed my 1st semester of school yesterday, I have had a great experience in school and learned a lot in these four months. I like college and am glad you have made it happen for me. thank you so [...]

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